LCD Handwriting Board 8.5 Inch Handwriting Board

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1. UseWriting Stylus] to write on Writing Area with moderate press strength. just like a pen on recommended press strength is 80-220g depending on writing stroke types: normal or bold.2. Touch on [Erase Button] to clear the entire written content.3. [Lock Switch] is turmed to OFF or ON position, the clear or erase function is locked or unlocked respectively.[Lock Switch] might not be applied to some product models.4. In case of low battery, clear or erase function deteriorates, the battery needs to be replaced. Open and take out [Battery Holder] replace the used battery with a new one and get Battery Holderreinstalled. Use a batterv ofqualified model or type. The model or type of battery is marked on this packing IONS:1 Do not apply exreme press strength or use any tool that may damage not open this product unless the battery needs to be replaced.3. Do not expose this product to prolonged sunlight.4. Do not submerse this product in water or other liquid. Use a dry cleaning cloth to clean this product.5. Remove battery if this product is to be left unused for a long time. Dispose of the battery properly.6. Temperature range of storing this product is -4℉/20℃—140℉/60℃.WARNINGSThis produc contains a button-cell battery and/or other small part(s), which are hazardous if swallowed by the children under 5 years ord using this product shall be under the parents' l:Product Name: LCD Writing TabletDimension: 260*152*5mmN. Weight:118gQuality Standard: SQ-WT 201710Press Strength: 80-220g -recommended